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Journey Through The World of Spirit: God, Gaia, and Guardian Angels by David Oakford - Downloadable

Journey Through The World of Spirit: God, Gaia, and Guardian Angels by David Oakford - Downloadable U1902Quantity in Basket:none
Code: U1902


You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this e-Book. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader FREE Click Here

Journey Through The World of Spirit: God, Gaia, and Guardian Angels is the detailed near-death experience of David Oakford. Triggered initially by a fatal drug overdose, David became bewildered then frightened to find that we do not "die." But instinctively he knew to pray to God and was soon rescued by a wise guardian angel he calls "Bob." Specifically, David shares what he was shown concerning the life-after-death realms: heavens, light beings, dark souls, the life-force energy dynamics of our planet and its inhabitants, and the lessons-learned from a panel of evaluators. This clearly-written, plain-talking account of the life, death, and rebirth cycle provides much food for thought for all leaders and members of the world's major religions to contemplate. The single truth that shines through this old, old story is this one realization: Love is the answer to life's questions when all is said and done.


“David Oakford’s story is true, real, and utterly profound. Although street drugs were clearly the initial trigger for this NDE, what happened next was a full-blown ascended state of consciousness that is well-documented in the spiritual and scientific literature. This book is once again revealing that NDEs are not magic, nor do they produce saints. And we can thank David for baring his soul as to the psychic struggles and the depression that followed his awakening. Because ultimately there emerged a transformed man who knew, positively knew, that there is more to life and death than we are taught in our religious organizations, and more to God’s Greater Plan for us than we can imagine today.” Dr. P. M. H. Atwater. Author of several books including: Coming Back to Life, Beyond the Light, Future Memory, Children of the New Millennium, and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Near-Death Experiences.

“Journey Through the World of Spirit recounts one of the most compelling life after death stories ever told. David Oakford's unembellished depiction of his adventure following a near fatal drug overdose explores worlds seldom seen, with vivid clarity and heartfelt candor. Oakford's story resonates as a potent reminder of something nearly forgotten: the truth of our immortal nature as spiritual beings of light who take human lives on Gaia to make choices of tremendous power. With the voice of an ordinary man who has had a most extraordinary spiritual experience, Oakford describes how we all have the means to return Gaia to the path of harmony in this gripping tale of death and rebirth.”

Cynthia Sue Larson. Author of Aura Advantage.

“One of the most clearly-presented, honest testimonies with respect to both the positive and negative impacts of understanding the purpose of the life, death, and rebirth cycle!”

Dr.John Jay Harper. Author of Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century

“A look beyond death. Mr. Oakford presents his personal experience in a very articulate and insightful way. Journey Through the World of Spirit is a thought provoking and remarkable book. A must read.”

Yvonne Zalinski.Book Store Manager

About the Author

David was born in 1959, in the shadow of the great auto plants in Warren, Michigan. He grew up on the “South Side” of town, on the Detroit border; which was, and still is, a great place to get into trouble! By the time he was 19 he was in some very dark times, which led up to his near death experience. After his experience he settled down and got a job as a crane operator at a machine tool plant. He made new friends and met the woman who eventually became his wife. He was laid off in 1982, a casualty of the manufacturing decline the Detroit area experienced in the early 1980’s. During this time he tried very hard to forget his experience.

David spent five years in the US Navy from 1985-1990, operating the tactical data system, the radars and the missile launcher on the guided missile frigate USS Halyburton FFG-40. He also controlled helicopters that hunted submarines. This made him remember some of the aspects of the experience, but he still tried to forget what he had learned.

After his enlistment ended he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree while being a stay-at-home father to his four beautiful children. He received his degree in 1995, but had a tough time finding suitable employment. Eventually he landed a position as a software analyst, where he still works today. This stability allowed him to come to terms with what had happened to him, what he had learned, and how he fit into this world.

Literary credits for David include the profile of his experience at the near-death.com website, his first book titled Soul Bared: A Metaphysical Journey and Journey Through the World of Spirit: God, Gaia, and Guardian Angels.

Rare and Hard-To-Find.

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