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One Bloody Alabaster Eye by Clayton R Douglas - Downloadable eBook

One Bloody Alabaster Eye by Clayton R Douglas - Downloadable eBook U1967Quantity in Basket:none
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You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this e-Book. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader FREE Click Here

159 Pages

Written in the style of and as a tribute to a great Author, John D. MacDonald, by Clayton R. Douglas in the 1990s, this first book in the Trevor Cameron, Terrorist Hunter series may even surpass MacDonald's Travis McGee character in complexity and dimension.

Readers of this series will walk with Trevor Cameron through the pages of recent history, rub shoulders with real politicians, world leaders, soldiers, spies, bankers, and ordinary people in fictional settings and situations. You will see current events from a new viewpoint and in reading these fiction novels gain a new insight into events unfolding tomorrow.

"One Bloody Alabaster Eye" marks a transition point in one man's life, from a businessman to an avenger. From a landlubber to a lover of the ocean. From a na´ve American to a man with a greater understanding about the nature and the viciousness of the world we live in. His adventure begins in the Colorado Rockies and takes him all the way to the Florida Keys.

What starts out as a casual search for a father he never knew becomes a battle for survival and a blooming love affair becomes a quest for vengeance in a lethal paradise.

Welcome to a world of warriors where nothing is as it seems. Welcome to the beginning of a legend!

A portion of all proceeds from the sale of electronic books goes to support further research and to support the authors who rely on this income for their survival.

Paperless-Press in the form of electronic books and magazines is a great way to save trees and help the planet recover from the abuses of capitalism, materialism and global expansion.

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