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David Icke: Beyond the Cutting Edge - 3 DVD Set

David Icke: Beyond the Cutting Edge - 3 DVD Set U696Quantity in Basket:none
Code: U696

NEW DVD RELEASE - Available Exclusively from UFOTV.

Since his extraordinary awakening in the early 1990s, David Icke has been on a journey around the world and within himself, to find the BIG answers to the BIG questions: Who are we? Where are we? What are we doing here? Who really controls this world - how and why?

In this seven-hour presentation David addresses all of these questions and connects the dots between them to reveal a picture of life on earth that is truly beyond the cutting edge. Nowhere in the world will you see a presentation like this one, which connects the dots that form the tapestry of knowledge that can set us free from our collective enslavement by the hidden powers behind governments, banking institutions, big business, the media, and all the other agencies of manipulation and control.

What is the connection between ancient history, the modern war on terror, the gathering “Orwellian nightmare, and the nature of reality itself? It seems a strange question to most people, but in fact all of these questions are fundamentally linked, as David Icke so compellingly reveals.

Tens of millions of people around the world have become aware of David Icke and his research as what he has written in a stream of books has become part of our daily experience. Now, go with him to the next stage of his incredible journey – a journey Beyond the Cutting Edge.

Bonus Features: Interactive Menus * Scene Selection * Web Enhanced

U696* 3 DVD Disks* 420 min * $49.95 * UPC 1 85483 90696 1

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